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Mahmudullah in the last over due to BPL experience

BPL experience

The last over required 6 runs. Mashrafe Bin Mortaza had three options. Mehedi Hasan Miraj, Soumya Sarkar and  Mahmudullah’s great bowling in the last over of the BPL experience in the captain’s head was of great pressure. At the outset, when he called Soumya, Mashrafe Bin Mortaza gave up the ball in the hands of Mahmudullah.

The last over had to read this contradiction, mainly because Miraaz was faded. Although he has great bowling throughout the tournament, the off-spinner could not make it to the final. So Mahmudullah was kept under his overs.

But the failure of Bangladesh in the middle order was India’s goal. India needed only 26 wickets in the last 5 overs and only 13 in the last 3 overs. Rubel Hossain and Mustafizur Rahman’s remarkable bowling in this match also pulled the last over.BPL experience

In the last over :

Mashrafe gave the ball to Soumya in the beginning. Runs started to pick up the medium-fast bowling medium pace in the previous match. But again, Mahmudullah called again to call Mashrafe The captain said that after the match, the captain said.

“I’ve changed the decision. Because he has bowled in the last over of the BPL experience, the team has the experience of winning the last over twice. That’s what worked on my head. I just asked him, how much is self confidence. He gave it after showing courage. Moreover, Soumya’s pace could easily be run by using the pace. Even if Mahmudullah was killed, it is possible to get out. ”

6 to 6 runs difficult to stop Despite that Mahmudullah’s excellent bowling helped the team to reach the last ball. The off-spinner did not put any effort to the game. The first two were called two singles. Kuldeep Yadav, who scored two runs in the third over, was a little bit scary and could be caught at mid-wicket.

Mahmudullah did not score :

the fourth ball in the low-order deliveries with low-skill delivery. The fifth ball came from the back of a lot of crews to bring the variation. Is one run. The last ball was planned for Yorker. It was a lot, but the line became leg legend. The batsman gets the chance to get a leg-bounce. India win

Captain Mahmudullah was confident that he could retain the nerve in the last over. Super over was a match tie, it was also Mashrafe’s head.

“Tell Mahmudullah that they want to kill them. Marley has a chance to get wickets. Especially in the field of Kuldip, I wanted to beat Miss after killing. Kedar Yadav is a fairly well-known batsman, his calculation may be even better. If the number 5 ball was not on the wicket, it could have been different. In fact, luck needs help at these times. ”

“There was a super over rule in the final. The end would have been either dot or out. Riyadh has tried. Yorkee did the same. There is one run in the pad. Riyad has done a great shot. The manner in which it has been said at that time is amazing. They had 6 balls to score 6 runs, it would be great bowling.BPL experience

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