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One day these trophies

‘One day these trophies will become stale for us’

After the final, after returning to the hotel room, almost two in the night to return. Harare did not allow the captain to sleep at the end of another final, but the rest of the night did not allow him to sleep. But at the end of the night, the arrival of the tournament in the light of day shows him a new dream. Before returning to Bangladesh, Mashrafe Bin Mortaza looked back in an exclusive interview with bdnews24.com at Team Hotel in Dubai. The light of the front of the road.One day these trophies

Mashrafe Bin Mortaza:

It’s bad to lose any match. It is normal to lose such a final hurley. How much trouble, how many things we could have got so close to the title, only we know. It hurts.

But it will also be in time. I think we have many much received from this tournament. Looking for some positive results, these may possibly be cliche to many. As captain, I know how much I got. The biggest two received, Mithun found at number 5 and Liton’s final performance in opening.One day these trophies

I’m not saying that our problem is resolved right now, we are sure. But at least from their performance, the team can now rely on them. More importantly, they will have confidence in their own ability. It was very important.

Mustafiz, Miraj’s performance was also great.


You can also ask for it. Mustafiz is returning to the previous look. The speed is coming back. Miraz has been outstanding bowling since last West Indies tour. The finals are unfortunately bad.

Another big achievement I would like to say, without playing Shakib-Tamiki, we can believe that anything can be done. I can not live either, Mushfiqq or anyone can not. The end of the day of sorrow, who was there, who did not stay?One day these trophies

But to be honest, these things can be considered as receiving when these will be useful in front of them. Liton-Mithun will hold the form, the fight will be successful without anybody, only then the achievements of this tournament will be successful.

In the last 9 years, there were 6 finals, 5 you were in. Can not the team exit the ‘mental block’ of the final?


May be. When the game started yesterday, I did not feel anything. But the opening pair scored a hundred, then at one point the mind was moaning that it would not break from here and there was nothing bad. That’s what happened later. May be bad, this fear may have been worse!

As much as I say that the final will be played as well as ten matches, everyone can not think otherwise. Everyone knows, one match! If one day wins a final, I think I will win. I do not know when he will win the final.One day these trophies

Cricket is very important psychological game. In the final, all teams have extra pressure. But before winning, they know how to win. We may understand once we win.

Is there only mental or lack of skill?


I do not think our boys have a lot of skill deficiency. Of course there is no progress. But we are not too lagging behind. Problems in mentality.

Liton is very complicated. One day before the final, he did not do anything by spell his skill. That’s his skill in the final. But he could not get mentally packed in the previous matches.One day these trophies

Look at Miraz. Has opened. Big batsmen also have problems in playing Bumrah-Bhuvneshwar. How beautiful Miraj took care of. There is a skillet. But the main thing is that they were both mentally tough in the final. That was not before.

If there is a lack of skill, then it works to improve. Mental things are not that practice, I worked on the nets to fix!

What is the way to increase mental capacity? Psychology advice is useful?


Psychologist may be useful. This is what I see in the whole world. But this is the person’s personal one. The cricketer should understand where I’m in a situation where there is a problem. After that, maybe it may work with psychologists.

The problem is, the culture of our country is not like that! There is a problem with the child in your home, if someone tells you to show a psychiatrist, you might be angry that ‘my son is crazy?’ Our culture is such.

But I think if a cricketer thinks I have problems here, talking to psychologists, then there will be nothing more than good. Under what circumstances it feels, only he knows himself. Take a look at tomorrow if a spinner did well, gave less than 10 runs, then we would win the match. Apu-Miraz has done a very good ball before. It was not happening tomorrow. I, Musee, Riyadh, we were all talking to them. But what was going on inside them was that time, they know. Now it will talk to psychologists, whether with a personal coach or with a guy, it’s his thing. It must first admit that I have a mental problem in this place.One day these trophies

Liton was saying, the problem of opening problem?


It will be solved, no one can say that. It will be known at times. But an innings could change the life of a cricketer. Sachin Tendulkar was a middle-order batsman, opening the storm for the first time, not only his career, but the history of one-day cricket started to change.

In Tendulkar’s injuries, Sehwag has scored a century in 70 balls. I’m not comparing. Simply saying that there are many examples of career changing in an innings. Many take the time to realize how much I can afford in this level of cricket. An innings might give him confidence. The next time when Liton or Mithun will go to bat, I hope they will not have any doubts about themselves. It could be out, bad, it can But believe in your own ability. If there is more likely to succeed.One day these trophies

Many things have been said to Liton throughout the tournament or before the start. What did you say before the final?


It is a very normal thing to say, ‘Playing your game, and not thinking of anything else.’ Batting took place, how was it up to 3 overs? Wants to play cut, not being I sent a message that ‘whatever you wish, whatever you wish.’ But do not hesitate. That’s what I play, I’m fine. When I do that, I have no objection. Amata does not think of me. ‘How did you play with open mind, it showed that.

After lithon fifties, you came out of the dressing room and pointed out that in order to enlarge the innings, in the chest by drawing the symbol to play for the team, did you fear that Liton could deliver the wicket?


It is often seen that a batsman with a bad-patch gets a little relaxed after finishing it. Inside the feeling of relief may work. Our batsmen sometimes forget a lot. I mean that the responsibility is not the end. Such opportunities do not come every day. Use it I mean, play for the team, chew and play. Which would have happened. Do not think at any level that I can not.

You just caught a bad shot after playing it was caught.


I was very upset. Not because I did not listen to me, but I was losing my chance. Cricket intelligences It has to keep the impression. There is no reason to give wickets to the opponent during such a great day.

If you think from the side of the team, then he needs a wicket. Because the sweater played well. Indian spinners could not say that they were in front of the swipe. Why do you risk it? Take the miracle to take the risk. Because what was sought from him was found. So you have to think about this. Good luck, survived tomorrow. Do not live all day.

How impressed is the way you batted after getting life?


Unbelievably. He showed his class. They run smoothly without risking at all. Pulled out Later, what our seniors were supposed to do.

Hope Litton now understands himself. But if you do not understand, then the price of this innings will not be in the future. Many have played such innings, but later they could not take the lessons. Hope Liton will understand that if he is on the wicket, if ball selection is good, how much he can do. If that could happen, then not only yourself, Bangladesh cricket will also be found very big. Bangladesh will get many things from his bat.

On the day before the final, said in the press conference, you can give a surprise to the final. How to open Miraz, when did you come to the head?


I did not think of anything in the press conference. Just wanted to mean, that could be anything. The idea is to eat the night before the final on the night. What to do, what to do, during the series, all of these continue to rotate on my head. After a match, the idea of ​​another match started automatically. I was thinking a lot. Miraaj’s words came to the head quickly after dinner.

Miraz was eating too. I went straight and said, ‘You will open tomorrow.’ And I was surprised to see, Amata was doing mango. I said, ‘I do not want to run for you. Bhuvneshwar-Bumrahara got out of 8 overs. Batting like a Test match. I do not want to lose wickets at the beginning. ‘

Miraj said, ‘brother, I am open.’ I said, ‘after doing the first thing, do you think there is dow in your room?’ He said, ‘No brother, I did not do it in life. But I can. ‘Then I said,’ I also know that you can. Just see if you believe me. You do not have to do adventure, just keep lying. Over 8 you play for me. Do not do anything. After that, do whatever you want. “He gave much more than what he wanted, and

Tomorrow, others did it, but the seniors did not. How Mushfiq had batted earlier, how Mahmudullah saved the team, it is difficult to finger them. But bad times came in a big match!


It’s a disappointment. It was necessary to take some responsibility yesterday. We knew that if this wicket is 260 runs, then India will have a great fight. 280 score if win Where did the top order take, then there was no need for much more. If you take one or two, it is 270-280. Could have been three hundred

Both of them are definitely frustrated. Nobody wants to perform in a big match. But the psychology that I was talking about, whether they were nervous, or wondered at that moment, only they knew. No one can do Kuldeep-Chehel, Kedar Yadav came and took wickets.

Kedar Yadav, who took the wickets of Tamim and Mushfiq in the mid-wicket semi-final of the Champions Trophy. Regularly give breaks. He was not planning to play?


It was a lot. Everything has been said. But the field was not implemented properly. View India, everyone won the team by 25-30 runs. None of us would have been 25-30 if we were 260-270. Not done. That’s cricket. Is not all day.

Out of the thought of the beginning of the last over, soumake? Why is that changed?


Soumya was initially seen in the Streike Kuldeep. I thought, if slayer, it would be out to hit. Then it seemed that if we need 6 runs, the pace ball will not be hit. If the wicket is not taken, then 6 runs can not be stopped. That’s why I got spin that I might be out to beat.

Riyad said, ‘How much is your Confidence?’ Riyad said, ‘I will bowl?’ I said, ‘what do you think?’, And said, ‘brother, I will try.’

Riyad has done incredible bowling. Bowling too confident even under heavy pressure. Fifth ball fell on the leg of Kuldip’s bat and fell off his leg. If that was not run, I do not think I could take 2 for the last. Riyadh has made great

What is bad luck? The heart rate of the six finalists, maybe big stars are waiting for bigger ones!


I always believe in luck. It was not fate, it was just to say that. And yes, Bangladesh cricket will not stop here. One day we will win a lot. That day we stayed and did not exist. Not everyone gets everything. One generation will suffer, and another generation will be rewarded, it can happen. I’m sure, one day these trophies will become stale for us. We will win many big trophies.

But before that, I have to work with our mentality. To improve the country’s cricket, we have to work with mentality only from the national team, not the under-13, 15, 17. May be from the side of the board, the guardian or the individual. But it will take it.

Many times throughout the tournament said that it is very challenging for the team. Back to the end of the tournament, how difficult was it?


The most difficult tournament for my 17-year career. First weather. We played in a literal way. Together with one cricketer think about it. We got shocking news from the field for a few days. After the first match Tamim is not there. Shakib is playing with the injury. Mushfiq’s ribs are worse before the next match. Let me rest

In the match against Afghanistan, Mustafiz said he would not be able to bowl. Shakib is not in the next match. If this happens before the start of the tournament, it is a big push to be before every tournament during the tournament. Change the plan, change mentality I said, ‘Badlao’ but it is not so easy! I do not plan to deal with the shock, the headache of this. There are many cramps or minor problems. There is no chance to think about my own body.

It was very difficult to handle everything for me. The difficult times have not come before. But thankful to the boys, helped me. That’s what I said. As far as I could, it was possible for them. The absence of Shakib-Tamim could have made us more persistent that it would be possible.

There is little to say about your leadership. But the captain of the last two match matches was to lead the leadership masterclass. Bowling-fielding changes, starting from deciding everything was almost perfect.


I’ve taken many risks. Played gambling. I have been in many places. Maybe more than you have seen from outside the field. Only I can say that. They’ve got to work.

The reason behind the gambling was a lot of cricket?


There must be. But you may not agree with my reasoning. People can not believe it. But when I decide on the field, I will listen to my mind and head. What does another say or do after it, I do not doubt it. Decision may be useful, maybe not. If it is useful, people will say okay, if not, criticism will happen. But I do not want to be right in the middle of the wrong. The decision is clear from yourself. Always believe, ‘If death is to die in your own heart, it is not in the intelligence of others.’ As people say, I will be satisfied that I have listened to my mind. I do not want to regret others.

Last day of the final said that he does not judge himself with the trophy. Of course you can not get trapped in the trophy available. But Bangladesh will win a trophy, will you raise, this is not a dream?


There are people who have dreams. Have a desire, have a wish. What is the severity of it, or how much prominence you are giving to the will, it is important. I just want to play cricket, I want to see the team win. I do not have any desire that I need it.

From childhood I am like this For example, Eid came, I did not want to wear clothes for anyone. Children are not asked? I was not. Eid the night before. My style is like that.

Earlier, I needed a trophy for Bangladesh’s cricket. That’s not what I picked up, it’s not important.

A little earlier said that one day the team will win big trophies. Then it may be regretted that if I were!


Not a single one. As already said, not all generations get everything. A trophy may be a pleasure. But after a while you will forget. When the intensity of demand is high, then there is wailing. After receiving it, the application is lost. Now it seems that we can give life for the trophy. After getting it, ‘No, life is not possible’.

I’ve been mentally tough about the long-awaited affair. I did not know how many times I could get back to the field, too many times. When I think about my condition, I do not know how I am still playing, no explanation. I am still playing, the captain of Bangladesh, it is not only surprising to me, but more than that.

I did not forget my past. Still playing, it is no longer bigger than that. The trophy is a bare minimum. Yes, again, I have a trophy for the country’s cricket. Need for the future of Bangladesh’s cricket. If we wins tomorrow, at the end of the World Cup or any other tournament, we knew we could win the final. Australia will not see anyone in the semifinal-final. They know how to win these matches. We also need to know it. Trophy needs to be from the center.

Many fans-fans say, ‘Mashrafei is our trophy’ or ‘Bangladesh cricket’s greatest achievement.’ How do you see yourself?


I do not see any way. I do not think this. Actually, we are passionate nation, happy at least, and soon break down. Many chapters of life have seen me. I have respect for those who say so. To whom I am nothing, respect their opinion.

I think I’m just doing my duties. Every person in the country is performing duties in their respective fields. I am playing, you are writing, doctor is treating, everyone is representing the country. I am coming to play with ‘Bangladesh’ on the chest, seen the whole world, maybe that’s my responsibility for this. But the expatriate workers brothers, bringing so much money and honor to the country with so much trouble, its importance is much more than I have. He represents the country more brilliantly.

I am doing all my work, this is my great satisfaction. Do not think anything else.

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