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live cricket score-Who will be the hero

live cricket score-Who will be the hero?

live cricket score-Who will be the hero?

Mushfiq, Mostafiz or anyone else? Captain Mashrafe will take away all the lights in the final!

Who is today No, not just with ‘K’. The last World Cup football showed that Lionel Messi is not alone in power. If the nearby devices are not in motion, then it is also very stagnant. Cristiano Ronaldo’s power was driven by the influence of Bernardo Silva-Joao Mutinyoad. The question should be, ‘Who is today?’

Cricket chemistry does not match soccer. 11 people fight with 11 people in football. Two people started a fight with 11 people in the cricket. Then one by one each one. Nevertheless, both of them have finally ‘Team Games’. All have to do something to win the fight. Someone will get wickets, someone will run, someone will take a great catch. The one who can not do anything of this, will need to pronounce one or two words around the wicket if needed, which means that the opponent’s bat will burn. The tiring mood will make him mistake, catch up. The name will be Bowler-Fielder. But a player will laugh at his chat and say, ‘If you did not provoke the bat at that time … Ha ha ha!’

This is cricket :

All-in-common contributions to success-failure Name-malicious two-fours Mushfiqur Rahim said this after a century against Sri Lanka in Sri Lanka in Asia Cup. His century has such importance; At the end, Miraj scored 15 runs, Mostafiz’s 10 runs from the bat, he also contributed many wins.

See, how to say ‘Who and who’ the name of Mushfiq! Actually, the Asia Cup of Emirates is playing Mushfiqi in a royal fashion that if he hopes for something good, his picture will be flushed first of all. Victory against Pakistan in Super Phase, showed that a pair of 144 runs in batting is not all. The match can be sloppy but bowlers and fielders can be hand in hand. Mashrafe’s discreet leadership and Miraz-Mustafiz’s bowlers are also needed. But at the center of everything, Mushfiq, the winner of the canvas of the nucleus of Bangladesh. The question is so congratulated in mind. Mushfiq’s bat in the light of the final light?


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