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live match update-A pair of writing stories of win

live match update-A pair of writing stories of win

live match update-A pair of writing stories of win

There is a ‘Mithun’ in West Bengal, he is the silver screen protagonist, Mithun Chakraborty. In Bangladesh, a mithun has got live match update.He is Mohammad Mithun, played in the Bangladesh team. He could still not be a hero. Being persistent constantly. Mithun can say that the role of Paraderak is not less to widen the road ahead for the hero. So Mithun has got a clue. But Mushfiqur Rahim will find the biggest clue. He is the hero of today!

After Mushfiq-Mithun lost three batsmen for 2 runs against Sri Lanka on September 15, he saved the team by adding 131 runs in the fourth wicket. Mithun had 63, Mushfiqqq 144. The failure of the top order is still in Bangladesh! There are 3 wickets for 12 runs. From there, Mushfiq-Mithun took over the responsibility of returning to Bangladesh again in the fourth wicket. Today, the pair are 144 runs. The team has reached the safe position, Mithun will get a thank you. However, when Hassan Ali did not play the ball in the same way, the end of his beautiful innings ended with 60 runs. Just four runs were scored in the boundary, Mithun raced to 44 runs in the intense heat of running batting on the wicket.live match update

Mithun, however, can burn the innings for not longing :

But Mushfiq, where is this reminder? When the three figures touched, they tried to storm. The team’s score was bigger. It did not happen, but got the first Bangladeshi batsman to get 99 runs in international cricket. Just as a Bangladeshi batsman, for the first time in a live match update a batsman returned only one run away from the Century.

Regrettably, if this is not a pair of Mushfiq-Mithun, it would have been difficult to do 200 Bangladesh if it was away. Both did not make a pair, built a bridge, to which Bangladesh has gone to the Asia Cup final.live match update


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