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Live Cricket-Virat Kohli avoid his fan kiss

It has become difficult for Virat Kohli to get out in the field. When fans get the opportunity to get out of the field. Loving cellulifera on the cellular says love, some of the fame that are getting together. But today the love of the love has exceeded the limit. An expletive fan came down to the ground and wanted to kiss kohli!

The view of the visitors coming down to the Live Cricket ground is nothing new. Once upon a batsman’s century, the bowler’s milestone touches or the team’s victory means thousands of people are in the field, lost among the players in the audience. After the security measures have been strengthened, it has decreased. But the culture of attending one or more viewers in football suddenly, entering the star of the star, has begun in this century.Live Cricket

He has been trying to showcase some of the recent events in the audience. In Bangladesh, in 2016, in the match against Afghanistan, Mashrafe has done this wrong to get the tou Last year, Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s feet touched his feet in India, a spectator said. Such an incident happened with Kohli in the IPL. In the first match of the series against the West Indies, two people took the field with Kohli in the field. Today, in the first morning of the Hyderabad Test, one of the viewers came down to do so.

At the end of the

At the end of the 15th day of the day. Kohli stood at mid-wicket A young fan broke into the security atmosphere and entered the field. Tried to take a cellphone with the captain on mobile and tried to kiss kohli Bored Kohli tried to move away from the quiet as much as possible. The security personnel came and removed this supporter.Live Cricket

Meanwhile, West Indies chose to bat after winning the toss in the series test series. The tourists have lost three wickets in the first two sessions. Rooston Chase is trying to make the team’s innings ahead. Up to 62 runs unbeaten chase At the end of 69 overs West Indies scored 220 runs in 6 wickets.Live Cricket

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