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Khawaja did not allow Pakistan to win

Live TV-Khawaja did not allow Pakistan to win

Yasir Shah could have used to think about whether or not he needed to do the last ball. But the umpire did not want to trouble him. Richard Illingworth lifted the ball by drawing a ball while remaining a ball. There is no legitimate way to read two wickets in one. It is not possible to carry 100 runs in one. The Dubai Test ends so in balance.Live TV

Equality? What does not sound funny. The goal of 462 was to know that Australia could not chase. The question was whether they can save this match? Australia’s score 87/3 in 87-wicket without any wicket before the end of the fourth day on the fourth day. The collapse of the first innings was again peeping into the heart of the mind. The opening partnership of 142 runs in the first innings was 10 for 60 runs after the team lost 10 wickets. In the second innings can be anything like this!

Usman Khwaja appeared :

Usman Khwaja appeared on the answer to this question. Anointed Trevis Head appeared in time to accompany him. Both of them passed the first session. In the second session, there was a slight normalcy in the match. It is unnatural for the spinners to get wickets on the fifth day of Dubai’s wicket, is not it! Head (72) and Lebouchein (13) returned to the elbowbull. Pakistan’s return to the dream of winning the match due to the remaining half of the day.Live TV

But Khwaja did not give up. Pakistan’s most successful ball record in the fourth innings of the UAE (302), the Pakistan batsman borne by depression in despair, was born in Pakistan. It is not possible to say that alone. Do not say Team Paine. The name spell can be different, but the Australian captain really gave ‘Payne’ to Pakistan. His body said in the first four days of the match, it was very tiring for him to carry the team. But today the right moment got burnt. The two of them were reminded of the fight between Darren Bravo and Jason Holder. Khawaja grabbed the most number of ball record in the fourth innings from Bravo. In the fourth innings of the Twenty20 Test in 2016, Khawaja had almost beaten Pakistan almost like him.Live TV

Khwaja-Pena pair reminded:

Khwaja-Pena pair reminded Bravo of the day when the last hour was present. The West Indies were in the final bilateral cricket match in Dubai in 2016. But at the end of the dinner session, the dismissal of Bravo could not stop the other side from Holder. Khasja (141), Yasir Shah, started from LBW, a new era Australia lost 3 wickets for 2 runs But fortunate penny than holder. Nathan Lynn stood right. At one end, Yasir and on the other side, Abbas-Bilal managed 34 balls. Penance (61 *) is on the other side. Ninth wicket partnership lasted for more than 12 overs. They lost to the pair of Pakistan’s many tested test win plans.Live TV

The match-winning master-spell did not work in at least one match with a spinner on the fifth day’s wicket. Khwaja-Pane-Lions can win the joy of winning.

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