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There is nothing more than returning to HBW!

Live TV-There is nothing more than returning to HBW!

There are very few such scenes. The umpire tells the bowler himself, ‘Sari!’

West Indies have failed with just one review. A decision that can be changed in a little bit. Umpires Ian Gold laughed at the conditions of the players who saw the ‘umpires call’. This kind of apologies for the disappointment of the bowler and not the smile. Jason Holder also participated in the funeral. Came forward and tried to indicate that the index finger of the right hand of gold was lifted out.Live TV

Even if the decision was given out, there might have been something in India. But a memory of about two decades ago came back to the field. In 1999, there was an outburst of Sachin Tendulkar on an Australia tour. Tendulkar called on McLaren to call a bouncer. But the ball takes it in the upper part of his hand. McGrath gave finger to the strong appeal of the umpire. Later, the debate became famous for the title of HBW. Leg before? Hey, handheld it!

Just like Sachin Tendulkar, he used to hit the ball in the bouncer of Prithvi Shawhande. The umpire did not respond to the request of the bowler. After that, Prithvi got the cover of the umpire’s call for a few centimeters. I could give the umpire out! At the beginning of the career, another section of Sachin could write down the name of his name! Eventually the umpire gave the sign of leg-bay. If you can not handle hand, then think about it!

This incident is the last afternoon which is a bit tense. The rest of the day is the story of India’s monopoly. India have won 10 wickets in the second Test after winning the biggest Test win in the first Test. The match has become so monotonous, if someone wants to talk about it through social media, then tell the story of the ball in the hands of Shane.Live TV

But at the start of the day, India’s last 6 wickets, and all the other by indicating something else, Windies bowlers. But the old story in batting Carlos Brafet has returned to second place. The other opener also with his partner over three overs. Tourists lost six wickets for 70 runs at the risk of knee in front of India’s spin-trio. Holder has departed from the side after scoring a century. West Indies were all out for 127 in the last four wickets for 19 runs.Live TV

India could have lost Prithvi by a run of 72 runs. But the bowler’s ball touched the boundary by the side of the wicketkeeper by touching the opening batsman’s bat. Prithvi survived the fate in the fifth over with a fortune. In the beginning of the run of the pace of his tension, Lokesh Rahul was ahead in the run-up to his confidence. Before the end of the day, the Windies bowlers did not get any wicket. Like in the first innings, the wicket keeper wicketkeeper Jämler Hamilton has done a mistake in this innings. With just 14 runs left, the day’s game has been extended by half an hour to two umpires. New target of 14 runs in 8 overs!

Rahul (33 *) and Prithvi (33 *) did not take much time. After two balls in 4 overs, two left the field.

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