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Preparation to start in one-two practice

Live Cricket-Preparation to start in one-two practice

The center of the wicket is fitted on a few sides of the net. Imagine fielders were also explained. Test batsmen 22 yards Playing hand in hand, pushing to the empty place, one-two runs must be switched. The preparatory team of the Bangladesh team for the Zimbabwe series starts with a single-doubles session of the batsmen with head coach Steve Rhodes.Live Cricket

Likewise, the preparation phase usually starts with fitness training. On the contrary, preparations on Monday started with skill training. The fitness phase is noon. The beginning of skill training is also a little different, one-two runs practice.

Not enough single to get out, to carry big wickets in the pressure, to get wickets, one of the big batting batting in ODIs has been a long time since. It is not that it was not practiced earlier than it was. But at the beginning, its practice is explaining, the team also thinks about it with great importance.

Those who worked with Rhodes, among them were Fazle Mahmood Rabbi. He is the only new face in the squad. The left-handed batsman has shown enough skill in taking domestic cricket and Bangladesh one-two in recent times. The skill that comes to his team is a big role, said the selectors. The beginning of the work to further strengthen those skills began in the national team from the very first day.Live Cricket

After facing the media

After facing the media, Fazle Rabbi said, the team is looking into improving small issues.
“Here is the practice that has been done, you have seen. We have worked with strikers, we have worked with strik rotation. There are some new things, small things, I’m working on these. It is not possible to change something very quickly. But we are paying attention to the small things, which are good to play. ”

Since the announcement of the Zimbabwe series Bangladesh team, Fazle Rabbi came in the light of footprint. For the first time after playing domestic cricket for almost 15 years, the national team got the call for the first time. This is rare because of the fact that Bangladesh is curious about him, many of them are curious.Live Cricket

The 30-year-old batsman got the taste of the dressing room for the first time this day. First time in the national team’s jersey practice He said, he enjoys a great time.

 “I do not feel like that (pressure) to me. This is training, talking to you, enjoying everything. ”
“(Dressing room) everything is pretty good. Everyone thinks about everyone’s work. Which is the responsibility, everyone knows very well. I see, trying to learn. It is very inspiring to me, how serious they are. “

Whether Faisal Rabbi, whether the debut is being made in the squad or if he gets the answer, the answer will be found in time. Zimbabwe team will tour Dhaka in the South African series on Tuesday morning. The 3-match ODI series starts on Sunday.

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