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A few days ago it was the cause

Live tv-In front of Imrul-Liton’s real test

Live tv-In front of Imrul-Liton’s real test

Run came, got a hundred, the record was broken. Most importantly, Bangladesh’s top order has relieved Live tv. But the primary excitement will move away from one side of the mind, if it goes deep into the mind, this relief is temporary only. Imrul Kayes, Liton Kumar Das and Soumya Government’s real test are in the coming days. When the opponent becomes more difficult, the challenge will be stronger, the pressure will be stronger .

A few days ago it was the cause of the biggest headache. The team was hesitant to find a partner of Tamim Iqbal. After Zimbabwe series, it became a sort of sweet affair. It was not so long, now at least three possible alternatives!

The line of light came in the long tunnel and Liton bat at the start.Live tv Enamul Haque and Nazmul Hossain did not get the chance to get the chance this year. Live tv Liton bat was a disappointment for some days. But in the Asia Cup final, the glimmer of hope for a century in the eyes of Liton has spread. What is a companion worthy of getting Tamim?

Zimbabwe series has more complicated answers to questions. Not just Liton, two more have been added. Imrul’s return to the ODI Live tv team in the Asia Cup midway On the back of the tourism and surroundings, they won six points and a good innings against Afghanistan.But that position was temporary. Zimbabwe series is the favorite place to return In the best continuity of the career, the message was announced by the message.Live tv

Due to the injury due to Tamim:

The Zimbabwe series allowed the team management of Bangladesh to take ‘Audition’ of Liton-Imrul. In the first match, the extraordinary 144, 90 in the next match, 115 in the last match, and Bangladesh’s record run in the three-match series, Imrul has got almost 100 percent Live tv.

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