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Live tv-Shakib's absence letters are positive BCB

Live tv-Shakib’s absence letters are positive BCB

Live tv-Shakib’s absence letters are positive BCB.

If the medical report is good, then the BCB will not have any objection to playing in the Twenty T20 tournament.

Shakib Al Hasan, the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB), asked for the non-title of the contract for playing in a Twenty20 tournament in the United Arab Emirates after the end of December. Today, Akram Khan said that if there is a finger at the stage of the game, there is no problem for the non-title. BCB

Regarding the grant of non-title, BCB‘s head of the BCB’s Board of Directors insisted on the recovery of Shakib, saying, “Shakib’s finger is about to get a medical report, and if he is positive, we will give him the honorarium.”

Shakib’s finger problem in the Asia Cup is serious. He was forced to return to the country after not having a match against Pakistan, making the semi-finals in the tournament. Shakib was exposed in a surgical operation in a Dhaka hospital due to severe infection in the finger. Later he went to Australia to conduct further tests. In Australia, doctors said that one more year would be to wait for surgery to have finger surgery. Since then, he is in the process of rehabilitation. His finger pain or a lot better.

Akram said:

BCB understood that these issues of Shakib have been kept in mind, “Shakib can not undergo surgery within a year. There is no pain for now. If he is fit for medical care then he will be able to play. ‘

Tamim Iqbal is out of the team due to injury with Shakib. Two star cricketer of Bangladesh is recovering quickly. But both of them will not be able to return from the start of the series in the West Indies next month, sure Akram did not say anything. He said the BCB, hopeful of getting both of them at one stage, might not be in the whole series, “Maybe in the West Indies series they can get them. I hope so. Maybe I can not get it from the beginning, but hopefully I’ll get it.

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