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Live cricket-Liton's challenge, Liton's scope

Live cricket-Liton’s challenge, Liton’s scope

Live cricket-Liton’s challenge, Liton’s scope.

The one-day solution did not match yet. There is a puzzle but there is also Test cricket. Who is the opening partner of Tamim Iqbal Live cricket? There is no Tamim in the Zimbabwe series, but the series can match its future partner. Liton Das who will be in the fight. There are challenges in front of them, as well as big opportunities.

Liton’s fight is not only with himself but also with Imrul Kayes. But Imrul could not take 40 in the last 16 Test innings. The overall picture of the test carrier is not very bright. The series has got a lot of great performances in the one-day series. But looking at the future, the party will be more interested in interest and curiosity.

Before the series began, there was a lot of questions about Liton. But the main challenge is its two. Place in Test squad. To prove your ability to open. Since the Zimbabwe series starts in the innings, Lion’s bat can answer two questions together.

Liton is considered to be the future of Bangladesh batting for a long time :

But the three-year international career has long been in danger. A few days ago, in the Asia Cup final, it was a hint of a great century to change the one-day career. The start of the Test was not bad at all. But after losing the pit, then after. Now, there is a new twist in Test cricket.

There is no doubt about his talent. However, there is doubt about how successful it will be to open in Test cricket. At the start of the innings, it was a bit shaky Liton In the one-day at that time, it can be passed quickly. The test is much harder than that. The wickets are the most vivid in the starting time in the morning. Red has more time to borrow. Pacers do not have the limits to meet the quota. Opener Lyton’s challenge is so much more here.

Lonely is a great hit in domestic big-length cricket. He played 91 innings in first-class cricket, has started his innings in 70 innings. 3,647 runs at 56.98 average. Three innings played at three numbers, an average of 70.33. And in the middle order 18 innings average only 31.88.

To open, he played 277 innings. Before the Zimbabwe series, the fastest double century in the history of the country’s batsmen started the innings. In the first-class cricket, 13 centuries are the 12 openers, the rest is at number three.

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