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Cricket Tv-Amir's career again threatened!

Cricket Tv-Amir’s career again threatened!

Cricket Tv-Amir’s career again threatened!

Pakistani fast bowler Mohammad Aamer’s career was almost finished in the fixing scandal. Whether it was possible to return to cricket, extreme blurredness was created. But he finally came back to cricket.

It will be said only when he came back, but Amir came back with a lot of pride. But it is gradually decreasing his strength. Once again, Amir’s career has a black cloud of fear. Now this is not the shadow of fixing. Amir has gradually become cornered for off-form.

Returned to the team after spending five years for fixing Since then, they performed well in one tournament after another. World Cricket started praising him for his work. It was temporarily distracted. But after realizing his mistake, Amir came back in the right direction and came back to the right direction. His spirit saw good cricket world cricket But recently its form has finally fallen to the bottom. Test and T20 squad against Australia Amir was also out of the ODI team. Amir was not included in the squad announced for the upcoming three-match series against New Zealand in the United Arab Emirates.

There was no one wicket in three matches in the Asia Cup. Then dropped out of the series against Australia. Apart from Amir, the players were left out of the one-day squad, Imad Wasim and Mohammad Hafeez. Both of these places were returned against New Zealand, but Amir was out. The first match of the Pakistan-New Zealand series in Abu Dhabi on November 7.


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