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Live Tv-Mushfiq was afraid the eastern gallery!

Live Tv-Mushfiq was afraid the eastern gallery!

Live Tv-Mushfiq was afraid the eastern gallery!

In the first session of the first Test of the series at Sylhet International Cricket Stadium, a teenager was seen in the field suddenly His will Live Tv, touches the Mushfiqiq.

The event ends in the 48th over. Suddenly,a teenage girl entered the field on top of the eastern gallery.Riding on the pace of the wicket. Security workers also ran behind to catch him. The teenager ran the basket, the first must be him! Ultimately, this ‘race competition’ won his

The goal of the teenager will be to Mushfiqur Rahim, touching him. His request was met. Mushfiq has embraced. Teenager is very happy as the demand is fulfilled. But not happy BCB security workers. In view of this, the visitors will find their failure in the field of Test matches. Soon, the boy who was in the field was quickly expelled. They are sent out of the stadium. What interest the viewers were watching when the teen was being brought out!

Suddenly, the boy’s name was Saiful Alam Anik, a student of Class VII. Home around Sylhet International Stadium. Initially, the stadium wall topped inside, in the gallery there came from. Then around 10 feet high, it has reached the top of the ground. In this way Mushfiq was afraid of a teenager who was shocked at the start. However,after pulling the teenager closer. Abu Zayed,who came to the news conference on behalf of the team,told that the experience of the moment,”Mushfiq bhai was saying,”I was scared!”When the boy entered, saw and ran.I could not find Mushfiq Bhai, I could not find him. Mushfiqi was going to the brother, or was going to Miraj,I could not even understand that! Mushfiqi’s brother got scared.

Short Story:

It is never enjoyable for fans of Abu Zayed to be so enjoyable, sometimes enjoyable,Sometimes it seems that if you are a fan, it is very good. If you come to Sylhet,if you can walk around quietly,then it feels better. It is better not to be a fan.

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