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Twenty-one double-century in Twenty20

Live Tv-Twenty-one double-century in Twenty20

Live Tv-Twenty-one double-century in Twenty20.

19-year-old teenager Harikrishna plays 208 runs in 78 balls in Dubai’s Allianz T-League.

Twenty-two centuries, where there is almost impossible, there are two-two centuries! Shafikullah Shafiq, who scored two centuries in the last Twenty20 tournament in Afghanistan’s domestic Twenty20 tournament Live Tv, Now, the same thing is done by K.V. Hari Krishnan, 19. He scored an unbeaten 208 * in 78 in a Allan T20 match in Dubai

Harikrishna played this incredible innings for the Sporting Cricket Club. The batsman, who scored 22 boundaries and 14 sixes, was bowled by Maques Cricket Club‘s bowlers. Harikrishna scored 172 runs off just that But he did not win the team even if he played in the innings. Despite Hari Krishnan’s unbeaten double century, the skipper scored 250 runs from 3 wickets for 3 runs. The rest of the team could not run the bat like this. Manchos won by 17 runs in over

Harikrishna is playing in the UAE Under-19 team. Already in front of the UAE, everyone has taken notice of batting. In the last Afghan Premier League, he has got the opportunity to practice with some star cricketer. Apart from this, India’s former pace bowler Venkatesh Prasad also got the proximity. Harikrishna scored 33 runs in the University Premier League at Ulanganga University. The reason behind the brutal batting is that he has dreamed of playing in the Indian Premier League (IPL) and other franchisees in the tournament. And so, we have done the practice of running the fast run long ago. In the meantime, I played a few inches innings.

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