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Live Tv-Who will not be 'senior' any day!

Live Tv-Who will not be ‘senior’ any day!

Live Tv-Who will not be ‘senior’ any day!

Enamul Haque Junior is the son of Sylhet. The first time in his city is the Test. Anam along with Shafiqul Haque, Golam Faruk,Live Tv, Hasibul Hossain and Rajin Saleh were also honored. The carrier is not over yet. When he is honored in the Test of Bangladesh, how does he feel?

Where are you going? ‘The voice heard from the entrance of the Grandstand is to stand still. Hey, Enamul Haque Junior! He is the son of Sylhet. Testing for the first time in Sylhet, BCB‘s invitation came as a witness to the historic moment. The crest has also been honored with Shafiqul Haque, Golam Faruk, Hasibul Hossain and Rajin Saleh in the lunch break.

Enamul came in the press box with the crest. In the chat with the familiar journalists. A senior journalist asked for a joke, whether crest used the word ‘junior’. Actually, ‘Enamul Haque Junior’ written by Crete. But Junior is not his paternal name. This name is not written in certificate or passport. But he is known as ‘Enam Junior’ in country cricket. That’s why junior knows. Enamul Haque Moni, who is involved in another left-arm spinner and middle umpire, is ‘senior’. Who came to the cricket before, who came later, depending on it ‘senior’ – ‘junior’ contact. Mehrab Hossain Jr. is also like cricket in Bangladesh.

But the culture outside the country is different. The meaning of junior is son of such a son! Enamul often heard the question when he went abroad, ‘Are you son of Enamul (Moni)?’

It is understood that Enamul and ‘senior’ will not be in the country’s cricket! Do not be named, but there are a lot ahead in the work. The left-arm spinner, 31, is the second highest wicket-taker in the domestic first-class cricket of 453 wickets at this time. Only Abdur Razzak, with 542 wickets in front of him, Now the career is restricted to domestic first-class cricket, but the start of international cricket is very good for him.

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