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Live Tv-I wrote, Muminul

Live Tv-I wrote, Muminul

Live Tv-I wrote, Muminul.

He scored a century in this Test.

Mominul Haque looked at the inquisitor’s eye Live Tv.Philosophical philosophy has become a trademark for many days. Or it is found by birth! His mind is rarely understood by the face.Live Tv “Test century can be made to the son’s hand,”he said, “but there is no way to understand it as usual.Saying’century’ of the century or’abdar’-I explained to Muminul.This Test will be one of the first Bangladeshi batsmen to score a century,it will be Bangladesh’s 100th international hundred in Test cricket.A line of mouth did not tremble and Mominul The uncompromising answer came, “If you think about the century, the match can not win.

Why, winning the match does not make it easy?

Mominul’s face is similarly disappointed, ‘inverted. It’s easier to score a century than to think about winning matches.Live Tv

Immediately such an answer would be a little strange. Before cutting this surprise, Mominul said, ‘I know, one day you will write it.’

I replied, ‘I want to write today.Live Tv

Muminul smiled softly.

‘Today’ means that the day is not written anymore. This conversation with Mominul in the morning of the beginning of the debut Test in Sylhet. Team hotel breakfast room. Only the first day of the Test was in Sylhet. As soon as Zimbabwe won the toss with the bat, it was confirmed that the number one hundred is not one hundred today. That was not the case in that test, then it did not even think Live Tv.

That century is in Mirpur.When you were in Sylhet it was not seen in the field. Even after being in Mirpur, many talegools were not seen. I saw one hundred and a half times in Bangladesh on television. There is a strong opposition to clapping the Pressbox There is no problem at home. Imagine congratulating Mominul with clapping and remembering that morning in Sylhet It is easier to make a century when playing against Mominul’s words also winning the match Live Tv.


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