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Live Tv-The demands of cricketers like Ashraful in the BPL

Live Tv-The demands of cricketers like Ashraful in the BPL

Live Tv-The demands of cricketers like Ashraful in the BPL .

Fans of fans of fans of the Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) will not be able to play former Tiger captain Mohammad Ashraful in the next year Live Tv. After being banned from cricket, they are eagerly looking forward to seeing the favorite cricketer again.

At the national team, at least Ashraful can play in the BPL is now the demand of the life of fans. But there is enough skepticism about this issue. Basically, Ashraful’s BPL game is completely dependent on franchise owners.

But the problem is that in the franchise owners, there is adverse reaction to Ashraful. In the statement of a franchisee official, many people who did not want to take Ashraful to play for Dhaka Gladiators in 2013.

On condition of anonymity, the official said that the demand of a cricketer like Ashraful is very high, but there is enough question about his morality. Basically this is why they are unable to take part in the team. The official said,

“Who really wants to pick a cricketer like Ashraful? But reality is different now. Holds he is ready to play. But there are some moral questions involved in it. If he is not in the team. If any incident happens then Ashraful will not have a finger on his assurance!

If Ashraful misses a catch in the match then there will be a lot of clashes in the public, he also feels that the franchise officer That is why he should think three times before joining the BPL in each of the teams, he said,

“He did not want to do it again, but someone might think he might have been out or caught. Can say an unbelief would work. That’s why our franchisees, everyone may think Ashraful can be taken in the team.

However, Sylhet Six’s Chief Executive Officer Yasir Obaidera can see the light of hope for some hope Ashraful Because he himself has said that if the BPL governing council puts Ashes on the draft list, Sylhet will not object to it. In this context,

Yasser’s commentary:

‘Look, I can not say to everyone, who can think of who is thinking. However, we will not hesitate to take Ashraful if the BCB has listed him. Ashraful can play if the BCB selects his name on the players list.

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