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Live Tv-Want more consistency.

Live Tv-Want more consistency.

Live Tv-Want more consistency.

His first double century in the country is his. He is the only batsman to have two double hundreds so far Live Tv. But Mushfiq thinks his big innings should play more regularly.

Q: Is this your batting from the inspiration of more practice?

Mushfiqik: If you can take the preparation in the same way, there is a belief in the mind. I think I’m giving 100 percent of the practice. So why not a match?Live Tv There is less chance of doing all the work specifically in team practice. There are about eight ten batsmen netted there. For half an hour or ten-fifteen minutes allotted for one-and-two-hour practice It is difficult to get good results in those ten to fifteen minutes Who is playing with or playing against a bowler, how do they try to get me out, I think that’s how I tried to sort my personal practice.

Q: Do anyone take advice on personal practice?

Mushfiqi: Talk to other batsmen including Tamim. For example, this kind of game is coming in front of them, they have this bowler, they do it, another does it. Or if I feel that this shot is more likely to run, then you have to think about it. Take videos from computer analysts already. And now many games are seen on TV.

Q: Despite being one of the best batsmen of the team, he has been waiting for more than a year and a half. Should not be more regular in the Test Century?

Mushfiqik: As a senior player, I want more consistency. At the moment we are at this stage, we should have at least two hundreds in five innings in ODIs. I said or Tamim, Shakib or Riyad Bhai (Mahmudullah), if we get the opportunity, we should play big innings in five matches, two or three. That’s also the test, at least two big innings in four innings of two Tests. But the test is not so easy. The wickets are also different.

Q: The big innings is not regular for any of your bats. Mahmudullah got Test century after 9 years.

Mushfiqq: Condition may be a reason. Again in a Test session, you are not knocked out of Fifty, there is a good ball in the new session or your attention is disturbed, then there is a danger of out-of-play. There is a break in drinking water in the test. This does not stay in one-day cricket, Twenty20. You can finish the rhythm that you are in. I understand, if the attention is good, then it is possible to run more regularly in my favor. That’s not because our scores in the last several Tests have not grown Live Tv.

Q: once said that you do not remember your good performance people …

Mushfiqq: (Laughter) I do not know, brother, I do not know. I think, if you score a hundred, then you feel unhappy.

Q: Why it seems?

Mushfiqik: I do not know why ..Live Tv.

Question: He scored 10 thousand runs in three editions. What motivates these milestones to set new goals?

Mushfiqik: Tamim, though, seems to have reached twelve thousand, yet the board has recognized it as well. Now everyone will have this persecution, at least ten thousand clubs to enter the club. I wish we could reach the FIFTYIN Club or T20 Club.

Question: Nowadays, the number of batsmen in Test cricket is up to four. Surely here you want improvement …

Mushfiqik: As I said earlier, when we finish the game, then we can finish near fifty. It’s impossible to expect that we’ve been playing for four or five years. Even if I can do one thousand in fifteen innings, it will be a big deal. In any format.

Q: What is the competition between the batsmen in the total run or average?

Mushfiq: I have seen six-seven years ago today when Tamim-Shakib used to score hundreds, I would have talked about it, how many of my hundreds, how many of these So much in my one-day cricket, so many in your test. It’s very good. Now there are several hundred of Mominul also. It certainly has the head. And he has scored so many centuries, I can do that in a series of two Live Tv.

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