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World Cup team banging Bangladesh

World Cup series team banging Bangladesh.

World Cup series team banging Bangladesh.

The West Indies series is going on, thinking the World Cup is coming. The team management team will be going ahead in the home series against Zimbabwe and the West Indies ahead of the World Cup. Today, team management played four openers as part of the team’s team.

In October last, both the team’s captain and coach had said that they were one of the key goals in the two home series against the Zimbabwe-West Indies in the country’s field, before the World Cup. To do that,Bangladesh Team Management is going to examine many things to see.

Team management today played four openers against the West Indies today.But in the evening it was heard that the government will be out of XI.According to the party sources,the decision to include Soumya was made at night. Mashrafe’s explanation about playing Soumya,he had to sit for a long time if he did not lose a match or a rhythm.It’s normal. But I think,he has the opportunity to play in two places.Ideal for Soumya is three or three openings. He is playing as he has this capability.

Soumya has the ability to play anywhere. But to give him a chance today, Mohammad Mithun has to stay out of XI.Mithun’s misconception may be realized by Mashrafe,I have spoken to Mithun.I’m very unfortunate. That rhythm could not be played from there.He has batted in five,he can not beat, nor is he.

Does that mean that the strong competition is now mithunera soumya? Mashrafe, however, is giving equal importance to both, ‘Soumy likes to play pace bowling than spin. That is, the openers feel more comfortable playing pace than the spin. The place where the majesty is playing, in this position in the World Cup but the pace bowlers will bowl. There is no chance of shortening Mithun in any way. He played well in the Asia Cup, played well with Zimbabwe. The most important thing for us is that there is a combination here. Although four openers are played, they have the ability to bat in one or another place. Liton also played a number of matches in six Tests. This capability makes the team happy. Good for players at the same time. 16 people who are there now, I think there is a fair team. ‘

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