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Twenty-one world champions of the world!

Twenty-one world champions of the world!

Twenty-one world champions of the world!

Current world champions of West Indies T-Twenty But here their misery is going on. 9 of the last 11 teams in the Caribbean!

How fast the days are crossed, Carlos Broittet is now waiting for it. And Christmas soon after Christmas, their Christmas festival. Waiting is not just for this. The West Indies cricketer will live if he passes away in 2015. They won only 13 of the 42 matches played in three categories this year. The last part of the year is awful! They have won only two of the last 17 matches in three formats!

T-Twenty will show you that, the West Indies are doing such a thing. Who does not know, West Indies means T-20 teams of ferries How much of the T20 leagues around the world The last World Cup has proved to be the ability of the Caribbean in 20 overs. T20 is the crown of trust in their heads.

But here also the figures show a poorly-turned out Caribbean team. They lost 9 of the last 11 T20s. It also includes losing the series to Bangladesh in the 2-1 series in Bangladesh. Even before coming to Bangladesh, they lost to T-Twenty 3-0 in India.

Carlos Brefte, however, says, “Everyone in the country is expecting a Christmas gift from us. I hope we can finish the year by winning. Still think T-Twenty is actually our game. Maybe in the near future the results are not for us. But this is a great opportunity to end the year. ”

Buffett also thinks that the party looks as bad as the fruit, the worse they are. The match has been lost, but the result of the match is not saying, in the many matches in which the West Indies did not fight.

But in the face of the storm there is not a solution to the sand dunes. Bratte said that the group is looking for a way out of this misery. It could be a big reason, the Caribbean team could not be settled. Frequently changing team looks. West Indies have not been able to go ahead with a specific team.

Board distance with the brochats is nothing new. Many of the board do not like them. However, Buffett himself says, “If you lose this way, then there will be nothing to do about the players. We do not even have the power or the ability to speak. Who came in the team, and who did not think of all those who are there, will have to try to win together.

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