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Want to play better for BPL!

Want to play better for BPL

Want to play better for BPL!

Playing the BPL also gives a lot of money to match. Carlos Brofet encourages his teammates to say that if he plays well in the three-match T-series, then he can match the BPL’s next game!

West Indies have been spending a month in Bangladesh. Some have come before, somebody later. Again, on December 22, when the series ends, everyone can not go back. The BPL has started to resume from January 5. There are a dozen Caribbean cricketers in the BPL this year. Seven of them are also in the West Indies Twenty20 squad.

Just like West Indies T-20 captain Carlos Brafetti will play for Khulna Titans. Sharfan Rutherford, who is in the team Dhaka Dynamite has four Caribbeans: Sunil Narine, Rowman Powell, Kieron Pollard, Andre Russell. Chris Gayle will come to play ‘Kher’ for Rangpur riders.

Who does not remember the last time. Gayle, who scored two consecutive fours in the last over, was flopped in the entire BPL. Rangpur became champion. Gayle is the highest run-scorer (485). Evin Luis was the owner of the second highest run of the tournament (396) last year. Four of the first eight in the last BPL list are Caribbean!

Today, Brafet said that they will use this series to bury themselves before the BPL, they will be able to do whatever they want, they work. If we do well in three matches here, then we can take this rhythm to the BPL. Then it will be ready for the franchise. If you do well in this series, now you can buy a BPL team next year. ”

The West Indies is not a country, but players from different countries play cricket together. As a result there might be a lack of nationalism. On one hand, many of the people in the world, who have ruled the world over for a time, have been unable to pay for the team. Instead of spoiling the time and energy of playing for the national team, many people play in frenzy.

So, the words of ‘Breyfet’ are good in this series and the deal will be concluded in the BPL next year … … a lot like greed. Perhaps this is why Bruffet adds, “All matches in international cricket are important. There are so many stalks to burn when it comes to so far. How many exemptions, how many sort of process and difficulties have come to the national team? We are fortunate that we could make the dream of playing for the national team. So this game is not meant for the BPL but for the family and the country’s cricket fan.

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