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Stokes is not lucky England lost the series

England Cricket Series Results

Stokes is not lucky!

Well done that I did not open clothes yet. In all, very strange cricket was going on.England have lost the series to play in the third Test. It was not supposed to have any interest in this match. In the meantime England’s batting line-up was pouring water on an eagle with another collapse. In the meantime, Aljari Joseph’s left foot woke up the match.

The pacer gave the English all-rounder out. Stokes went out to the dressing room. When the umpires suspected the giant screen replay, it was no ball. There is no part of Joseph’s feet behind the scars. Seeing it again, Stoksake sent again. Stokes, luckily, got the chance to bat again and did not change the garment out of luck!

Joseph, who was caught by Stokes on 52 off 52 balls, But it was immediately seen that Joseph’s feet put him in danger. This is not something new, from the beginning of the year to the end of the year, 18 wickets in such a way that the West Indies did not get! However, yesterday’s incident is an exception, because Stokes has already crossed the boundary rope. The next batsman, Beytosto, came to the field. But the umpire Rod Tucker called no ball and called him. Although it was not possible for so many days. Because, because of leaving the field so long, the batsman would have been picked out.

In April 2007 MCC made a new law. Under section 31.7 of the Act, if it is understood that a batsman has been misinterpreted out, then the umpire will change that decision and he will declare that ball dead. If a batsman is out, then before the next ball is bowled and the last wicket of the innings, the umpire can be returned until the field is released.

Stokes scored his 52 off the first day with 62 runs. At the end of the day, expressed his gratitude to the technology, Stokes, ‘Thank God, for this technology. It was the first with me. This is something that needs to be controlled. After leaving the field in international cricket I went back to the dressing room, and two minutes later, I can not play it.

At the start of the second day, however, Stokes dropped out. His 79 runs innings did not last long in England. The tourists, who were all-out for 277, lost the last 5 wickets for 21 runs.

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