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Live Tv-Twenty-one double-century in Twenty20

Twenty-one double-century in Twenty20

Live Tv-Twenty-one double-century in Twenty20. 19-year-old teenager Harikrishna plays 208 runs in 78 balls in Dubai’s Allianz T-League. Twenty-two centuries, where there is almost impossible, there are two-two centuries! Shafikullah Shafiq, who scored two centuries in the last Twenty20 tournament in Afghanistan’s domestic Twenty20 tournament Live Tv, Now, the same …

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Cricket Tv-Amir’s career again threatened!

Cricket Tv-Amir's career again threatened!

Cricket Tv-Amir’s career again threatened! Pakistani fast bowler Mohammad Aamer’s career was almost finished in the fixing scandal. Whether it was possible to return to cricket, extreme blurredness was created. But he finally came back to cricket. It will be said only when he came back, but Amir came back …

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Live Tv-Smith praised Virat Kohli Former South African

Live Tv-Smith praised Kohli Former South African cricketer said

Live Tv-Smith praised Virat Kohli Former South African. Graeme Smith has questioned the captaincy of Virat Kohli after India’s disaster in England. Now, the former Protea captain came to Eden and said, like Virat, the stars can save Test cricket Live Tv. Former South African cricketer said,Live Tv “World Cricket …

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