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Three years later, Jahan Hamilton has been called in the team.

Cricket sports-The West Indies are not able to score

Three years later, Jahan Hamilton has been called in the team. The original wicketkeeper Shane Dowich missed the opportunity to get out of the field after being injured. It is for the person to accept the responsibility of the entire water supply book, ‘Water not to get the cloud.’ But he could not cope with the water, and then called the floodplain Hamilton. India take control of the match on the second day of the rain of Rivesh Pont In reply to West Indies 311, India lost 308 runs in 4 wickets.Cricket sports


Virat Kohli was just out of the attack once again in England. Kohli’s (45) return from the innings was not enough as the fifth wicket pair did not grow too long. The West Indies were hoping to return to the match. Ponting batted 24 runs Shannon Gabriel said to cut off Ponting gave up. One wicketkeeper caught the other caught But Hamilton was caught in the limelight by catching the easy catch. Ponting scored four runs instead of getting out. Fifty touches had already given a chance to this left arm. But he will not catch his shot on long, but he will stop the four, Shimron Hotmeyer has delayed to decide. Wicket-keeper Windies fielder

Do not raise

Do not raise the innings so much opportunity, so big a fool is not a pontant. At the end of the day of 10 and two in Chakkaya 85 And Ajinkya Rahan’s score of 75, showing the maximum power of the cautious batting. In the 174-ball innings, the ball sent just six balls to Rahane His cold batting batting has played a good role in the partnership with Ponty, who scored 146 not out.Cricket sports

Proteb Shaw has won the ball in the morning when he was in the race to send the ball. In the last test, he got a century in debut. The youngest Indian Centurion could still easily get a century. Within 20 overs the team has ensured that the century is crossed. But when the momentum was enlarged, Jamal got caught by Warikan caught on the cover with an extra cover. It was 70 off just 52 balls before being dismissed. He scored 11 fours and a six.Cricket sports

Earlier in the morning, Umesh Yadav ended the hopes of the West Indies’s big score in a spell. West Indies won the last three wickets shortly after getting Rohan Chase’s century. The tourists could only add 16 runs to the previous score. Yadav, who picked up two wickets in the last two wickets, kept the extra interest before the second innings. Indian pacer will be a hat-trick when he gets his first wicket. It has been a long time in Test cricket.Cricket sports


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